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10 week

barbering NVQ 

cutting unit 


This course is about engaging in precision cutting skills involved in barbering to achieve a variety of looks. It is tailor made for individuals wishing to jump start a career in barbering or for those who want to advance on existing skills. your assessor will observe your performance on clients on numerous occasions to evaluate your theoretical and practical knowledge.


- Health & Safety

- Client Consultation

- Styling & Finishing Hair

- Geometry & Sectioning

- Product Knowledge

- Various Cutting Techniques (Scissor Over Comb Etc)

- Fading Techniques (Covering Skin Fading Etc)

- Core Shapes (Uniform, Square, Triangular layering)

- Clipper Techniques (Clipper Over Comb /Shaping & Lining up

- Client After Care (Advice & Recommendations)

- Working On Live Models & Mannequins

- Written & Practical Examination

- LBA and City & Guilds Certificate Ceremony


- Social Media Aspects/ Branding

- Building a Portfolio

- Advice & Guidance For Career Prospects.

- Business Consulting / Insider Knowledge

- Interactive Barbering Group

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Includes full barbering kit 

One day 


This one-day shaving course offers an insightful experience into the traditional shaving service.


This course will allow participants to develop on various shaving techniques whilst maintaining high levels of health and safety.


Guidance will be given on how to assess client skin, skin preparation, product selection and the correct equipment to use to achieve the desired look.


- Health & Safety

- Client consultation

- Brief history of Shaving

- Assessing & preparing the skin

- Shaving methodology & techniques

- Beard shaping & outlining

- Client aftercare (advice & recommendations)

- Product knowledge

- Written & practical examination

- LBA certificate on completion


Per Person

Barbering - Shaving - Cut Throat Razor
Barbering - Clippers - Ys Park Comb - Barbering Course

One day 


This course explores basic to advanced theoretical and practical barbering skills and is aimed at hairdressers and barbers of all abilities.


Classes will focus on how the fundamental skills can be adapted to suit different hair characteristics and will help build confidence of the various scissor and clipper techniques.


It will also bring awareness of current trends in the industry and will include demonstrations on live models.


- Health & safety

- Client consultation

- Geometry & Sectioning

- Creative & Classic cutting techniques

- Clipper techniques (Fading Etc)

- Styling & finishing hair

- Focusing on current trends

- Product knowledge

- Working on live models and/or mannequins

- LBA certificate on Completion


Per Person

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