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Hairdressers are the Renaissance

When the late great Michelangelo was carving out his magnificent marble sculptures, he envisioned more than just a masterpiece - he created an emotion, a statement, a timepiece and more than anything, a life style.

This in turn created a cult between the high society folks who would discuss, whilst sipping the finest wine, his 'David' or 'SistineChapel' as if it was Kim Kardashian’s butt of today.

You see, our Michelangelos of today are behind hairdressing chairs and the marble we use is of course hair.

Most would agree this is not a mere 9-5, but more of a passion, a progressive craft in which we strive to become better and better with each cut we provide our 'marble sculptures'. With the hammer and chisel each touch is precise, as each snip of hair can create shape and structure or destroy the final piece.

Hair is carefully crafted into life, and when our sculptures gaze at their reflections they are lifted out of the darkness and into the light. -

Hairdressers are the Renaissance - pay homage. -

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