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Covid - Lockdown - Hair Life

Even though Leicester is in #locallockdown, I will not let this break my spirit and love for hair. It's been a tough 15 weeks to say it modestly. We only just moved to our new location in the city centre 5 months in and Rona took over.

As we were preparing to open our doors on 4th July, dubbed 'independence day' for hair stylists, the government announced a local lockdown.

Today, as I scrolled through the Gram watching stories and posts from hairstylists all over the country, I was definitely experiencing FOMO.

I haven't cut any hair or taught my students in person and I'm so eager to get back to them and re-start their barbering journey.

This has been time to reflect and refine everything in life.

Hopefully persistence and constant growth will get me through this Rona so I can be sitting and sippin' in Barcelona.


If your are a client, student, friend, family or just an Instagram ghoster and feel rough -


Keep positive - Take one day at a time - make small changes - Put your phone down & lift your head up - Don't make false limitations - Keep affirmations or pray, same same - Watch comedy, Laugh - or read a book and get immersed.


Stay safe, keep blessed.

Academy director cutting a mannequins head during demonstration for the 10week barbering course.
Vin The Academy Director

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