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Hair is an age old trade!

Hair! It is an age old trade that has developed over the years from placing a razor sharp blade to a King’s face to primping and pampering today's hailed celebrities, or even just our local heros. We have become acclaimed entrepreneurial business people and built our very own following which I like to call our 'Little Empires'. Vanity has been nurtured in various ways throughout our lives and we have become more transfixed on our image. They say “You’re only as good as your last haircut” which in today’s era is definitely true. Hair is your number one accessory, even us that have very little or none at all, we still emulate an allure of style. Let it be, we wear our individual wigs with pride. As hairstylists, we not only try give you a haircut or a trim or even something maintainable but we give you a 'Life style', as I like to call it. I like to ask clientele if they would miss a doctors or dentist appointment. More than likely they wouldn’t dream of it - why pay an outrageous fee for not cancelling or missing an appointment? Then we are one in the same! We should hold ourselves in a similar light. Now I’m not saying we save lives and help keep healthy dentures, but it is widely known that we are somewhat a multi-faceted creature.

Psychiatrist, best friend, advisor, relationship gurus, agony aunts/uncles, shoulders to cry on, skin experts, health gurus, sports analyst...need I carry on? I just wish we could reap the financial rewards for all this knowledge we possess! What I’m trying to say is our clients don’t just come for a haircut but undoubtably, a life style. A pinnacle moment in their lives sent them to you and brought their loyalty. I once heard “Men are more loyal to their hairdressers then their ladies”...interesting, wouldn't you say? #blog #blogger #bloggerlife #education #leicester #lcfc #barbergame #borncrooked #wegrinddaily#realliferealhair #barbereducation#barbertakeover #ukbarber#ukhairdressing #barberlife #hairbrained#behindthechair #worldofbarbers #wahl#sharpfade #videlsassoon #menshair#mensfashion #streetfashion#investinyourself #maclife #barbergang#weteachcourses #leicestershire #leicestercity

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